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Many thanks to the people who donated to the META photo project in Prague. We received a diverse selection of second-hand digital cameras and $950 in cash. These contributions combined with voluntary labour have made the project possible.

Cameras were donated by:

  • Istvan Pap
  • Elizabeth and Milan Polak
  • Arne Johan Erikson
  • Gordon Smith

Financial contributions were made by:

  • Andrew Finlay
  • Camilla and Lindsay
  • Ernest and Helen Korchak
  • Irfan Kortschak
  • Jenny Gibson
  • Julie Begg
  • Laura Broese van Groenou
  • Melda Hope and Jakub Nesetril
  • Tom Korchak
  • Zanny Begg
  • Zelda Grimshaw
  • Nicola Coles
  • Nicola Robinsonova

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