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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

deadhorse: the beginning

The plane from Anchorage to Deadhorse was delayed and overbooked and so we spent a bit of time at the airport wondering whether we* would make it to Deadhorse at all but finally we arrived at around 5pm. Putting the bikes back together took the better part of two hours and the airport staff waited […]

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a short interlude in anchorage

A 3.00am start after a going to bed at 1.30 isn’t my favourite way to begin the day but the blow was softened by my friend Melda who insisted on driving us to the airport. It was pretty good of her but perhaps she was just pleased to see the back of my bike and […]

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leaving Prague

I left Prague in a whirl – the last few days were spent trying to cram the bike in a box and all my other things into bags in between meeting friends for a last minute dinner, a hurried goodbye drink, dropping off something here, picking up something there, rushing off to the shops for […]

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packing chaos

I’m camping on my friends’ lounge room floor after moving out of my own apartment a couple of weeks ago. Melda and Jakub have been pretty tolerant of the growing piles of stuff colonising all available floor space in their lounge room and kitchen; bike box, tents, piles of clothes, tools, panniers, video camera, digital […]

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