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packing chaos

I’m camping on my friends’ lounge room floor after moving out of my own apartment a couple of weeks ago. Melda and Jakub have been pretty tolerant of the growing piles of stuff colonising all available floor space in their lounge room and kitchen; bike box, tents, piles of clothes, tools, panniers, video camera, digital SLR, the list is endless.

Today I finally managed to get almost of all of the stuff into my four panniers and gear sack which was a good thing because Jakub’s mum came over to make strawberry dumplings for dinner. Czech mums usually take housekeeping pretty seriously so I was pleased that the bike gracing the kitchen looked quite neat with it’s shiny new red panniers all in place.

Tomorrow’s task is to unpack everything again, take the bike to pieces and put it in the bike box and pack everything else so that it can go on the plane.

Did I mention I hate packing? I do – it’s probably almost on the top of my list of things that I really really don’t like doing. I’ll be very glad when I’m on the plane and even gladder when I start pedalling out of Deadhorse.

Bike chaos.

Bike chaos.

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