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america abandoned

Cycling in Alaska has done nothing to shake my impression that the highways of America are lined by desolate buildings – sometimes inhabited, sometimes not – surrounded by abandoned cars and other refuse.

Old cars.

Old cars at Hill Top just out of Fairbanks.

Old cars.

Old cars at Hill Top just out of Fairbanks.


Junk out the front of a house entering Fairbanks.


An abandoned igloo on the Parks Highway.

Funny farm.

Leaving Palmer: Funny Farm - one can only guess, really.

Gorilla fireworks.

Gorilla fireworks: in Houston, on the way into Wasilla. Fireworks are illegal in all the surrounding counties but Housten is some sort of independant city state with a law unto itself, apparently.

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  1. Lindsay | August 4, 2009 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

    On second thoughts maybe you should be working towards producing a very classy photo record. Expensive to publish but I’m sure it would be a goer.

    You’ve got to do something with this, it’s too good. I love the teddies.

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