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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

meziadin lake

I arrive late and hungry at Meziadin Junction and decide to camp at the provincial camp-ground. Although I generally I prefer wild-camping, there are many aspects of staying in designated camp grounds that are quite appealing, the possibility of a shower being the one that is currently uppermost on my mind. Provincial park campgrounds are, […]

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on the cassiar highway

Before I leave Kinaskan Lake, I ask the fisherman camped at the next site for some line. I bought a couple of lures in Dease Lake inspired by my tantalising near success at Cottonwood River, which was a fishing experience inspiring and frustrating in equal measure. I want to repeat my the attempt to catch […]

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kinaskan lake

Restored by my pancake breakfast, I cycle another 20 kilometres or so and quickly come to the Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park. The last few camps have been hurried, rain-soaked affairs and I want to spread out and get my gear in order, so I pull in. It is early in the day and I have […]

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a temporary companion

Finally I get on the road and see the boy that dropped by my camp last night and we agree to ride together for a while. He is good company, happy to stop and explore, to pick berries. We talk all day about our trips, the people we have met, adventures and the road. Our […]

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boya lake

I wake at my mosquito ridden wild campsite just past the Junction 37 turn off. Breakfast is porridge sameness. I pack and get on my way by 9AM. I am very pleased to finally be off the Alaska-Canada Highway. The Cassiar Highway, more commonly referred to as Highway 37, is narrow, without a shoulder, but […]

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Today I rode from one nameless roadside camp 150 kilometres to another just past Junction 37 with nothing of note to report but a happy hour spent picking wild strawberries and raspberries by a riverside rest stop.

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teslin/the george johnson museum

I woke to thick, murky, grey, smoke; Teslin Lake barely visible, the mountains vanished, hazy orange pink light filtered through smoke. I set off down the Alaska Highway again with a wet rag over my nose and mouth. Soon I pass a cultural centre and stop to check it out. Impressive totem carvings watch over […]

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on the alaska highway

I can’t remember now where I camped the day I left Whitehorse – it made no impression on my and I didn’t record it in any way. It has gone completely. However, the next morning, as I am riding on my way, I pull into an dubious RV camp at Johnson’s Crossing because of the […]

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mountains ahead

Since entering Canada I have been regularly confronted with this sign and I am still unsure exactly what it refers to.

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Some readers might have noticed that recently I have added new blog category entitled ‘recipes’. Food is very important to me and on my travels I am always eager for new food experiences and I thought that I whould share any exceptional recipes that I come across. I have been lucky enough to have met […]

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