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fed-ex to the rescue (or, an unlikely guardian angel)

I am riding along a rural back-road, a scene of green fields and barbed wire fences, blackberry brambles and grazing cows. Golden sun warms the afternoon air.

I hear persistent barking ahead. I look up and see a black and white dog running apace with a car travelling towards me, lunging and snapping at the wheels. The driver appears nonplussed, driving slowly, to avoid hurting the animal, and somewhat erratically, stopping and starting unpredictably.

I continue, hoping that the dog is sufficiently engaged to ignore my existence. However, when I draw closer the dog’s attention shifts towards me and it pauses, clearly torn in its impulses. The dog’s momentary hesitation gives the car driver the opportunity she has been waiting for to speed away leaving the dog with a sole focus – me.

The dog starts forward but it is momentarily impeded by another passing car. When the coast clears, it rushes towards me again but, as I brace for a confrontation, like an angel descending from heaven, a Fed-Ex van materialises. The driver winds down the window, whistles to attract the dog’s attention, throws a dog biscuit from the vehicle and, as suddenly as he appeared, disappears.

I wave a hurried thanks in the direction of my vanished guardian angel and make good my escape.

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  1. Chris Kerby | October 21, 2009 at 12:52 am | Permalink

    Hi Anna! That was a close call! Glad to read your musings and learn that you are alright. I think about you often. I just got sidetracked listening to Nina Simone ( had to cry a little ) . I will email you as well and hope you will get a chance to update me. Best Wishes, Take Care, Thinking of you! Chris in Nanaimo BC

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