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a change of plan

Any town with a food theme has a good hook for a hungry cyclist but I hadn’t really intended to go to New Mexico and so I didn’t even know of the existence of Pie Town. After five and a half months of travelling alone suddenly I am riding to this intriguingly named settlement, that is too small to even appear on most maps, to meet three guys I’ve never met before who are travelling on the Great Divide Cycle Route.

Cass and I have been following each others blogs sporadically since we both started cycling in Alaska at around the same time and ever since I heard of the existence of the Great Divide Ride through his blog I wished I’d known about it when I was planning this trip. So when Cass suggests I meet up with him and his friends to try cycling a bit of the Great Dive Ride I can’t say no. I find myself striking out east from Flagstaff across a chilly plateau into New Mexico instead of descending into the warmer southern Arizonan desert.

The journey to Pie Town, largely on tarmac, confirms for me that my heart just isn’t in highway touring. Gravel backroads and remote wilderness areas are what make me happy. Since I’m on a tight schedule I only deviate onto forestry roads for sixty miles of the trip to Pie Town, guessing that once I get there following the Great Divide Ride with three confirmed off-road tourers will probably provide me with all the off-road adventure that I need.

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