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la jefa

Contrary to all the dire warnings that I’ve been given ever since I started this journey in Alaska, we’ve been treated with nothing but kindness and generosity by every Mexican we’ve met so far.

However, this billboard which recurs throughout Chihuahua on the highways makes one pause, momentarily, for thought. The innocuous looking Martha and her gang of kidnappers are clearly a dastardly crew. Comfortingly, most of them seem to already behind bars but Martha – La Jefa – remains at large.

Martha and her dastardly band of kidnappers.

Martha and her dastardly band of kidnappers.

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  1. carlos from madera | December 23, 2009 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    hi ana im cheking all of you guys blogs im surprise beatiful places you being thru i hope you r ok keep going il be cheking good luck

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