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{ Monthly Archives } December 2009

food fabulous food

We set off down the highway in a group, slip streaming to minimise the effects of headwind and also hoping that as a single unit we are more visible and so a little less vulnerable to the passing traffic. The truck drivers, it must be said, are, in general, very considerate, slowing down and giving […]

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sharing the road in mexico

As soon as we reach the highway, after twelve miles of dirt road, we are forced to contemplate the frightening prospect of sharing a narrow highway, with no shoulder, with giant trucks. The constant stream of huge rigs thundering by is terrifying. We spy a roadside cafe in the distance and retreat indoors to gather […]

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the border

We ride out of Hachita in the late afternoon knowing this will be our last night in the USA. The road runs straight to Mexico and is heavily patrolled by US border guards. The terrain is flat, with distant mountains, colonies of yuccas are the dominant vegetation. We ride until dusk and set up camp […]

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la jefa

Contrary to all the dire warnings that I’ve been given ever since I started this journey in Alaska, we’ve been treated with nothing but kindness and generosity by every Mexican we’ve met so far. However, this billboard which recurs throughout Chihuahua on the highways makes one pause, momentarily, for thought. The innocuous looking Martha and […]

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Silver City is the last town we will pass through in the USA. We linger a while, spending five nights on the lounge room floor of our hosts, before Jeff and I set off at around 5PM on a cold evening with snow predicted for the next day. Cass opts to spend another night in […]

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silver city

We are looking forward to getting to Silver City to rest up a little, restock our food supplies, repair our bikes and kit and generally take a break. The guys have tried to set up accommodation through Warm Showers but, on the afternoon of our arrival, nobody has responded. Cass rides ahead to make some […]

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gila hot springs

The idea of the Gila Hot Springs has seen us through a few cold difficult moments over the past few days so a fourteen mile side trip with a thousand foot climb over a mountain to get there doesn’t deter us at all. We are also motivated by the thought of a ‘hiker box’, a […]

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