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{ Monthly Archives } January 2010

rail trail (mexican style)

The idea of following the abandoned railway track to Durango appeals to us and so armed with directions from Abraham we set off in the late afternoon sun. We are still negotiating our way out of town when Abraham unexpectedly joins us on his mountain bike accompanied by an Australian blue heeler, one of the […]

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the boys become cowboys

In Tepehuanes, without warning, the boys suddenly develop a fascination for cowboys hats. I have been talking about buying a cowboy hat, for my sister, ever since I entered Mexico and none of my travelling companions showed the slightest interest. Now, with the bikes packed and ready to go the guys are irresistibly drawn by […]

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riding the sierra madre

We wake in a field, where we have all fallen asleep under a starry sky, encrusted in ice and set off again. Our aim now is to reach Zacatecas, as quickly as possible, while travelling on as few paved roads as we can manage. Our maps are all but useless for this endeavour and so […]

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balneario aguas termales

As we ride towards the hot springs, in the morning, I start to feel unwell. I have been carrying some stomach bugs, probably giardia, with me from somewhere in the States. The only symptom so far has been a rather anti-social episode of farting when I was in Silver City but now I suddenly feel […]

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leaving guachochi (finally)

We are not overjoyed to be back in Guachochi; it is a charmless town that most tourists probably don’t spend more that half an hour in, if that. However, we are waiting for Cass to return from the UK and the state of Jeff and Jason’s wheels means that there is no possibility of leaving […]

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We set out from Guachochi towards Sinforosa Canyon on foot and cover the 20 odd kilometres in a few hours with the help of a couple of lifts from locals in the back of pickup trucks. We hike down to a suspension bridge that marks the end of vehicle roads and camp for the night […]

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getting to guachochi

Eventually we hit paved road again at Samachique, where we are supposed to meet Jason, Jeff’s brother who has been holidaying on the coast. We have only made 150 kilometres of ‘forward’ progress over the last three weeks but nonetheless we are exhausted and a day late. Jason is nowhere to be seen and so […]

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the bird post

One of the best things about walking in the Copper Canyon area is experiencing the amazing natural surroundings. Travelling with a knowledgeable and observant companion has meant I have learnt a lot about some things which I previously knew nothing. The following is a list of some of the birds that I have seen, some […]

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climbing out of the canyon

After a day’s rest at Entre Amigos we set off to tackle the ascent out of the deepest canyon in North America, taking a new road east towards Samachique. We need to ford the river before starting the ascent out of the canyon, which passes over the walking trail we followed on the return from […]

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return to urique

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