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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

a few days in puebla

Puebla is a town with a lot of churches but I am more intrigued by these masks prominently displayed in a shop window. I spend most of my time in Puebla taking photos for JUCONI, an organisation that helps working children (and their families) affected by violence. I can’t share those photos with you here, […]

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talking to god

Puebla has a lot of church-going folk but not all of them have a clear understanding of the best way to attract God’s attention, apparently.

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under the volcanoes

By the time I pack all my gear onto my bike and ride out of Mexico City, it’s almost a month since I first entered the city. I’m on my way to Puebla, only a 130 kilometres away, where I’m going to meet an organisation that works with socially excluded children and adolescents with the […]

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d(istrito) f(ederal)

Mexico City is the second biggest in the world and it seems like I could probably stay here for a very long time before it started to make much sense to me. However, living previously in Sao Paulo, the third biggest city in the world, for three and a half years has prepared me for […]

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