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lake peten itza

After another brief stretch of highway, I find myself at San Andres on the shores of Lake Izta Peten and I circle the lake on an unpaved road away from Flores and towards Tikal, yet another ancient Mayan ruin.

I ride around the lake on the track rolling up and down hills through the hot steamy air, blue water flashing through the trees, refreshed by periodic swims at places where the shore is easily accessible.

Cycling around the lake makes for a relaxing morning ride with frequent stops for a quick swim.

The afternoon sees me arrive at El Remate, a sleepy lakeside village. The place is very quiet but it clearly sees its share of tourists in busier times.

Got to watch out for those eco-tourists. The sign reads: "Slow! Eco-tourist zone."

More eco-tourists in need of care: this 'ecological inn' caters specifically to lost gringos.

I settle into the garden of the Hotel Casa Roja, a quiet lakeside hostel, for a day or so of swimming and relaxing while I research the next leg of my journey.

I am intending to head back to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to try to find a way to hop across to Cuba. The reason that I have crossed the border into Guatemala first is that my 180 days in Mexico was almost up and, as I would prefer to go to Cuba by boat – an extremely unlikely proposition, it is probably going to take some time to organise.

On my map there are a couple of fine lines north of the paved road to Tikal traversing protected wilderness areas in the north of Peten heading into Belize and Mexico and this is the route I want to take but I need more information. For one thing, the wet season has started and the condition of the roads is questionable and, additionally, Peten is, apparently, a lawless place and the area is very remote.

The advice I receive on the wisdom of my plan is varied. It ranges from “You’ll be raped and murdered!” to “You can’t possibly do it without a guide! You’ll get lost.” to “It’s much too difficult. The roads are too bad.” to “It will be a great adventure. Take care and have fun!”

I guess you know which piece of advice that I am going to heed.

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