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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

a life afloat

Poet. Dreamer. Visionary. Prophet. Lunatic. Fool. Perhaps these are all words for the same thing. I am sitting on a floating island made of garbage – plastic bottles, mesh bags, wood pallets, plywood,  fabric, mirrors, shells – all tacked and glued together with a greater regard for the aesthetic effect than practicality – and the […]

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back in mexico

Once I hit the highway in Belize it is not long before I find myself cycling past a sudden rash of casinos and tax free shopping zones and then crossing yet another border back into Mexico. There have been quite a few border crossing in the last two weeks but this is not a particularly […]

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Belize hasn’t entered my plans at all until now and the only thing I really know about the place is that it is nominally an English-speaking country and that Belize City has something of a nasty reputation. Casting my eyes over my map, I see about three major roads marked in the whole country and […]

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where the wild things are

The road between Dos Lagunas and Rio Azul is considerably less demanding than the first leg of my jungle adventure and so it’s early afternoon when Rio Azul comes into view. Rio Azul is a much larger work camp than Dos Lagunas, with numerous cabins and buildings surrounding a large cleared area, but it is […]

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into the wilderness

I set off through the jungle and the road is manageable, if not relaxing. No one state lasts for so long that it is completely overwhelming. So the day passes, negotiating patches of mud and fending off clouds of mosquitoes while toucans flap from tree to tree overhead, turkeys, guans and carassows stalk across the […]

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