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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

cuba, finally

I am going to fly to Cuba on Sunday and I will stay for a month. I’m guessing my access to internet will be severely limited, if not entirely non-existent, while I’m there so there will be a little hiatus in the blog for the period.


(dis)continuities(2): a stateside interlude

My sister is working on an art project in the vicinity of Chicago so we decide to make the most of a rare moment in which we are both in the same hemisphere. We tussle via internet over who will travel the final miles to make the meeting possible and eventually I lose out and […]

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water and sky

Living on the water is endlessly beautiful.

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The rainy season has left me wondering a little about what to do with myself. It’s not that I mind getting wet – because I don’t – but the kinds of roads I like riding on are pretty much impassable when things are sodden because dirt plus water equals mud and mud and bicycles are […]

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