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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

the bike is back



bike missing in cuban airspace

Well……..I’m back in Mexico but, unfortunately, my bike is not. Cubana Airlines can’t offer any explanation, at this point in time. This is a sorry state of affairs that I hope will have a happy ending…and soon!

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cuban miscellanea

Cuba is hard to come to grips with – everything from the graffiti to buying food makes little sense.

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I am thwarted in my desire to spend another month in Cuba by Cubana, who, despite earlier promises, refuse to allow me to change the dates of my return flight and so I make my way back towards Havana from Trinidad. To avoid returning the same way I came I take a loop through the […]


not such a sweet history

Cuba’s fortunes have generally hung on a single crop and before tourism the main harvest was sugar. The area around Trinidad is dotted with the ruins of enormous 19th sugar plantations which ran on the sweat of African slaves.

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fleeing trinidad

Trinidad is the kind of quaint charming colonial town with cobble stone streets beloved by tourists that I never seem to get. I spend only one day in Trinidad trying to work out the feasibility of renewing my visa and changing my flight in order to spend a second month in Cuba before fleeing to […]


a few cuban faces

I don’t tend to photograph people very often, unless I know them very well, but occasionally I do.

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I can’t resist fish.

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eating lobster

I didn’t eat a lot of good food in Cuba but I did have one truly excellent meal. In any coastal town, in Cuba, if you are offered a meal the choice is between lobster or fish and, incredibly, lobster costs no more. I eat it twice but I feel somehow vaguely guilty both times. […]

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cuba’s lack of power

As I the dirt track I am following emerges from the forest and re-approaches the highway a huge building, looking something like an enormous modernist mosque, appears on the horizon. I am intrigued by the structure which is, according to the LP guide, a nuclear power station that was abandoned before completion when Russia’s aid […]