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mud glorious mud

After my tour of the Santo Tomas caves, I return to Vinales. I find the local market and stock up on food; my prize purchase is a giant watermelon which I struggle to strap onto my bike rack on top of my tent. I pass through the town and catch sight of an English woman and her son that I saw earlier at the caves sitting at a cafe and stop to chat. It is not until the late afternoon thunderheads start to build that I set off out of Vinales.

The Lonely Planet Cycling Guide mentions a road leaving Vinales that it strongly recommends not taking unless you like riding in mud, crossing streams and navigating confusing unsigned tracks. It sounds like my kind of ride and so I seek it out.

I love travelling on dirt roads.


...and quiet.

Excellent views towards the coast.

It is true that my feet get muddy and I have to ford streams but it is a blissful late afternoon ride, that deposits me back on pavement far, far too soon.

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