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eating lobster

I didn’t eat a lot of good food in Cuba but I did have one truly excellent meal.

A fine lunch, my best meal in Cuba; grilled lobster, rice, green beans and avocado, fried plantain chips and fresh watermelon.

A fine lunch, my best meal in Cuba: grilled lobster served with rice, green bean and avocado salad and fried plantain chips, followed by slices of fresh watermelon - all for 4CUC or just over $4.

In any coastal town, in Cuba, if you are offered a meal the choice is between lobster or fish and, incredibly, lobster costs no more. I eat it twice but I feel somehow vaguely guilty both times.

I am reminded of the dedication in The Hour of the Star, a book that was very important to me for a long time, by the Brazilian author, Clarice Lispector. She writes:

    I dedicate this narrative to dear old Schumann and his beloved Clara who are now, alas, nothing but dust and ashes. I dedicate it to the deep crimson of my blood as someone in his prime. I dedicate it, above all, to those gnomes, dwarfs, sylphs, and nymphs who inhabit my life. I dedicate it to the memory of my years of hardship when everything was more austere and honourable, and I had never eaten lobster.

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