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fleeing trinidad

Trinidad is the kind of quaint charming colonial town with cobble stone streets beloved by tourists that I never seem to get.

A shop in Trinidad. The range of products available in your average Cuban shop is not extensive.

I spend only one day in Trinidad trying to work out the feasibility of renewing my visa and changing my flight in order to spend a second month in Cuba before fleeing to a nearby beach to escape the incessant call of, “Lady! Where are you from? Want rent room?”

However, I forget that it is still August and every beach is heaving with holidaying Cubans. Cubans are the noisiest people on earth and clearly a beach-side holiday is nothing to them without huge speakers blasting out dance music over sea and sand.

I flee the jinteros of Trinidad and find myself on a beach filled with noisy Cuban holiday makers...

... in what might, at other times of year, be a tranquil fishing village.

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