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Cancun is never going to be my favourite place in Mexico. It’s a souless car orientated town that revolves around mega-supermarkets, shopping malls and mass market tourism but somehow when I get back to Mexico from Cuba another week slips away there.

Far, far too much of Cancun looks like this.

However, almost any place can be redeemed by people and my stay in Cancun is warmed not only by the relentless sun but by Hector and Vero and their charming dog, Nike, who very, very generously put me up in their tiny two room apartment – for the forth time! – while I wait for Cubana to return my bike to me.

Hector and Vero are two very dedicated cyclists and Nike, their Schnauzer, is also pretty comfortable on two wheels.

Rodrigo, a Couch Surfer, also provides me with extended hospitality in his comfortable downtown apartment while I recharge my batteries, literally and metaphorically, and plot my next moves.

Rodrigo's Cancun terrace garden.

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