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village life

The Yucatan’s villages are impoverished, but lively, and the inhabitants some of the friendliest and most generous people I have come across in a nation of friendly and generous people.

A woman cooks hand made tortillas, to accompany poc chuc (grilled pork), over a wood fired griddle in the heat of an already searing afternoon.

An underground cenote is the village swimming pool which provides a welcome respite from the afternoon sun.

The annual village fair revolves around a rodeo - I wait for an hour or two peering through a gap in the scaffolding but leave at sunset before the action starts.

The structure which seats the assembled population of the village is held together with twine.

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  1. susana | October 8, 2010 at 8:19 am | Permalink

    The picture of a woman made tortillas to accompany Poc Chuc reminds me to a woman in vietnam who made the rice paper for spring rolls. awesome pic Anna.

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