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{ Monthly Archives } October 2010

flowers for the spirits

While staying at the Bosque, we venture out to the local town of Erongaricuaro to observe the preparations for the Day of the Dead. Erongaricauaro’s plaza is surrounded by a mass of flowers on various stalls and the plaza itself is busy with stalls displaying local handcrafts. At one end of the plaza a large […]

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relaxing at the “bosque”

When I get off the plane* after a sleepless journey over the Atlantic I make my way across Mexico City, on the Metro, to my friend Alisa’s apartment, struggling with my new bicycle wheel and a number of other unwieldy burdens. In less than 12 hours I have to be on a bus to Michoacan […]

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building a new wheel

Recently my front wheel developed some frightening wobbles and investigating the innards of the hub revealed it to be beyond repair. My break in London has given me easy access to some quality bike parts and since the front rim was also pretty worn I decided that the best thing to do was build a […]

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taking a break

If I happen to have any ardent followers then you may have noticed a longish silence. I’ve been off the bike for while, sitting out the end of the wet season, staying with friends in Mexico and then visiting some people important to me who are well out of cycling range. I’m currently in London […]

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snapshots of spain

I soon got the chance to check my theory that the south of Spain and Campeche have a great deal in common. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fairy godmother but I am blessed with two of them and Camilla has a house in Spain, where we spend a week in the sun.

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hanging out with friends

I am devoting a considerable amount of time and effort to feeding myself up while staying with a friend who has a mountain hideaway in between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The day after I arrived a neighbour invited us both to afternoon tea.

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