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taking a break

If I happen to have any ardent followers then you may have noticed a longish silence. I’ve been off the bike for while, sitting out the end of the wet season, staying with friends in Mexico and then visiting some people important to me who are well out of cycling range.

I’m currently in London where the temperature is frosty but the sky is bright. I’m using some of the time here to review my gear and to do some essential maintenance and repairs as well as enjoy a range of entertainments and diversions.

I’ll be returning to Mexico just in time for Day of the Dead which I will spend in Michoacan before returning to Campeche to pick up where I left off on the bike.

I’m filling in the gap with a couple of retro posts below.

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  1. Jonathan | October 24, 2010 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

    This ardent supporter was wondering if you had gone to London. Spain looked wonderful. Am playing snakes and ladders with Gustavo – have you picked up some more books about the Maya? I would recommend Foyles as being the nicest place to hunt (on Charing Cross Road)

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