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relaxing at the “bosque”

When I get off the plane* after a sleepless journey over the Atlantic I make my way across Mexico City, on the Metro, to my friend Alisa’s apartment, struggling with my new bicycle wheel and a number of other unwieldy burdens. In less than 12 hours I have to be on a bus to Michoacan where I am going to spend a few days during the Day of the Dead festivities. When I finally get to Alisa’s I repack for off-bike camping and then crash out for a few hours.

I met Lea at the bus station in the morning, jet-lagged and fragile, only to discover that communication has broken down somewhere and we are on buses going to separate destinations. Nonetheless by the end of the day and several buses later we manage to arrive, together, at the Bosque Village.

The Bosque Village is the home of a couple from the US who are trying to create a sustainable community in the Michoacan highlands near Patzcuaro. Brian and Marie are experimenting with different plant propagation, solar power and water collection methods that will keep them off the grid.

Bosque Village commands a beautiful view over Lake Patzcuaro.

Sun rise seen through regenerating forest and wildflowers.

The Bosque Village generates income by receiving guests who can either camp or stay in cabins and enjoy the views, the forest, vegetarian food, the sauna, morning yoga classes and various other activities.

One of Bosque's guests enjoying lunch in the communal eating space.

Bosque is home to a boistrous tribe of canine inhabitants.

I choose to evade most of the organised activities in favour of solitary walks in forest and experimenting with my new camera in between lazing around in the hammock.

I am impressed by the quantity of wildflowers in the forest...

... and these attractive spiders.

Whimsical artwork, found objects and enigmatic signage dot the forest.

A shadow hammock...

... and the real thing.

Brian aspires to survive at the Bosque Village using only solar power and rain water. This is one of the solar ovens he uses.

Cultural fusion: Halloween occurs at around same time as Day of the Dead and some of the guests at the Village amuse themselves by carving pumpkin lanterns which help to light up our nights.

Other people work on decorating an alter for Day of the Dead.

I'm not sure if these figures were made at the Bosque or not but they grace the mantel above a fire place.

Sun set over the distant lake.

* I’ve been on a LOT of planes in the last couple of months: a friend recently informed me that I was going to be carbon guilty for the next 30 years.

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  1. Ceil | November 9, 2010 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    You guys are awesome. We did much the same thing — composting toilet, eating what we grew, solar power as much as pos. Dreams crash and burn and now I live in the city. I have a little garden, plants in the windows, my paints, my memories and miss the old life.

  2. Ceil | November 9, 2010 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    Love the pictures.

  3. julie | November 18, 2010 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    Hi anna, catching up again – just been to Brisbane to see Steve and family – Lily and Hugo even more gorgeous and fun to be with. now back home trying to keep up with the massive weed growth after abnormal amount of rain. Have sciatica, so weeding is limited but enjoying the good crops of vegies I’m getting. Interested in the solar oven – I’ve seen one in action. It took 6 hours to roast a leg of lamb, but it was beautifully tender. The new bike bags look very handsome and professional. Lots of love Julie

  4. Will Kemp | April 19, 2011 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    I worked out, a while ago, on a plane from Kabul to London, that i’d spent a total of almost 3 weeks in the air on planes in my life. I’ve done quite a bit of flying since then, too. I do a 1 hour flight every week now – to or from work.

    But there’s no need to feel guilty about it – there’s only so much oil and the sooner we use it up, the sooner we’ll stop polluting the planet with it! ;-)

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