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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

endless noise

Mexico is … …a very, very… … noisy place. Unfortunately – or, alternatively, perhaps fortunately – the quality of my mini-sound recorder doesn’t give a very accurate idea of the volume these speakers give out.



A spoon is a surprisingly important travel item and one that you wouldn’t really expect to need constant updating. However, I have been through quite a number of them.

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getting my feet muddy again

I head towards Calakmul, not primarily to see the ruins, but to enter the jungle again. Calakmul is 60 kilometres off the main highway, deep in the wilderness. I am slowed to a snail’s pace on the ride in by my recent purchase of a field guide to Mexican birds. I am halted every few […]

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back to campeche

The temperature in Campeche is about 30 degrees Celsius higher than in the mountains of Morales. Suddenly half the clothing in my panniers seems quite unnecessary. I spend a couple of nights at the lovely Hostel Parroquia, chatting to Fernando, the manager, and stocking up my food pannier at the local markets before setting off […]


mexico city madness

Mexico City is infinite: a place where anything at all might happen.

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my new framebags… finally!

I’ve been hankering after frame bags for a long time now but collecting all the materials together and finding myself a sewing machine in a place where I could spread out and sew in peace proved to be more problematic than I expected. All the elements finally came together at my friend Lea’s house in […]

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night of the dead

The first day of November is Night of the Dead and we venture from our hilltop forest retreat into the local communities around the Patzcuaro Lake. Day of the Dead rituals are a family affair in which people visit the graves of their relatives and spend the night in the graveyard among the spirits of […]

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