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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

the ethereal ship

I decide to see the new year in with as big a bang as a hundred quetzales or so will buy me.

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Guatemalan fabrics are pretty beautiful.

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hanging around flores

Flores is not a place that I would have chosen for an extended stay but it could have been far worse and having a friend around helps to pass the time more easily.

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el remate

El Remate on Lake Itza Peten is not a bad place to chill out for a while.


holidays with ali

Ali, a friend from DF, decides to spend her Christmas/New Year holidays in Guatemala with me.

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fetching the bike

In my hurry to get my rabies vaccinations my poor bike got left behind in Carmelita and what with one thing and another it takes me a while to get back there but eventually I set off after my third visit to the Santa Elena Health Centre. A combination of collectivos, walking and hitching sees […]



In Carmelita, I make my way to where my bike is stored. Conchita, the woman who has been minding it, when she learns of my encounter with the fox, takes the opportunity to reiterate her opinion that tourists should never wander the jungle unsupervised. When she finishes upbraiding me she offers me and my companion […]

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the next installment

To forestall a lot of anxious enquires, this is just to let everybody know that everything turns out alright in the end. It has been an action packed week but it is all OK now, I think. So stay turned for the next episode but don’t worry.

the bite

I had been expecting to return to Carmelita the same way that I arrived but I learn that there is an alternative route which will not only take me past two more archaeological sites but is also in far better condition since it doesn’t get the same amount of mule traffic as the trail to […]

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el mirador

In the morning, I cook breakfast, break camp and walk less than a hundred metres before emerging from the trees into a clearing surrounded by a variety of more or less ramshackle structures dotted around a rough football pitch. I survey the scene to identify the building emitting smoke and then make my way towards […]

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