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holidays with ali

Ali, a friend from DF, decides to spend her Christmas/New Year holidays in Guatemala with me.

Ali brings a bike with her from Mexico which looks exactly like a bike but sadly performs none of the functions of a bike. It barely makes it from Flores to Tikal and Ali sells it in El Remate in order to avoid the return trip.

We camp a couple of nights at Tikal.




Investigating the ruins at Tikal for a second time. My first visit to Tikal was much more cursory. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

The view from Temple IV back towards the Grand Plaza.

Glimpse of a temple through the forest.

More stones to contemplate. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

The wildlife around Tikal is hardly very wild. A huge family of pozotes roams the area busily digging for tasty snacks.

Ocellated turkeys decorate the lawns.

The Grand Plaza of Tikal.

In the woods. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

A green path winds through the forest to the more distant structures.

We visit on a Sunday and there seems to be lot more locals present than I have seen at other sites I have been to.

Ali with horns.

More stones.

Temple VI.

A nocturnal campsite visitor.

Ali sewing in the morning.


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