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hanging around flores

Flores is not a place that I would have chosen for an extended stay but it could have been far worse and having a friend around helps to pass the time more easily.

Flores offers tranquil lake views.

Tuk-tuks are a cheap way to get off the island and a little further afield.


This pig in a puddle is pretty chilled out, too.

Ali is very excited about...

...lunch in the Santa Elena marketplace. It certainly beats the meals served up in the tourist restaurants on Flores.

There is a pretty nice beach a short boat ride and a leisurely walk away. Ali used her skirt as an impromptu filter to produce this nostalgic 70s look photo. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

My life is getting more and more bicycle themed. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

My new t-shirt, a gift from Ali, lists some of the benefits of cycling.

Ali feeds the fish old tortillas.

The fox bite is barely visible now but I still have two weeks to go before my final rabies vaccine. (Photo: Alejandra Ruiz)

Ali contemplating mortality by the lake.

A Flores street scene.

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