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leaving san jose

I’m always leaving and so you’d think that I’d be good at it.

But I’m not. It pains me considerably to rupture the friendships that are forming, despite themselves, with the people at Bio Itza.

Reginaldo, my Spanish teacher, arrives at my last class with the present of a book from his quite extensive - I have good reason to believe - personal library. We had spent the previous two weeks discussing all manner of things: politics, society, community, our personal histories, our various hopes for the future. I found Reginaldo to be a very inspiring both as a teacher and, simply, as a person.

Reginaldo invites me to eat with him and his family on Friday night and then the following day Paula, the school director, invites me to lunch at her house and so it’s not actually until Sunday morning that I finally manage to drag myself away.

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  1. Jonathan | January 31, 2011 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Anna,
    Lucky you – great book by a great woman.

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