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finca ixobal

Finca Ixobal is like a little holiday from Guatemala within Guatemala: it is the antithesis to cultural and linguistic immersion in a small indigenous village and/or negotiating the Guatemalan public health services after a wild animal attack. I didn’t really realise that I needed a break but when I arrive at this place, merely a days ride from Flores, with its slightly hippie-flavoured, gently fading resort air, I find I simply can’t drag myself away.

Finca Ixobal boasts a lush organic garden of herbs and salad greens and the freshly baked bread, pastries, lunch time snacks and luscious buffet evening meals draw heavily on this bounty.

The organic vegetable garden boasts...

... a fine range of herbs...


... salad greens.

The food here - from tasty breakfasts...

... to lunch time snacks...

...and freshly baked pastries to the all you can eat buffet dinners - is exceptionally good.

There is a range of accommodation available – from camping and private rooms to charming dreamy tree houses.

The camping area is an expansive lawn dotted with huts, where you can sling a hammock, more elaborate cabins with private bathrooms ...

... and rustic tree houses. I longed to stay in this one.

To see the image that inspired the photo below and more of Cass Gilbert’s fabulous work check out his blog, While Out Riding.

I owe this photo to Cass Gilbert's eye - his photos are a constant inspiration to me and always give me something to aspire towards.

Going with the theme.

Rustic charm, sums it up..

The mural reads: even if the world was going to end tomorrow I would still plant a tree today.

A complicated system of water purification makes use of these plants which help to filter gray water. I’m not sure of the details but the water certainly looks crystal clear.

Water filtration in action.

It looks good.

The natural laguna has a nostalgic feel with its ramshackle homemade deckchairs, water slide and floating pontoon.

A gently fading...



The guests are an eclectic bunch ranging from a couple of dread-locked Chicago kids, to a group of four Australian youngsters making a fun, and very professional, video series of their travels around the Americas to an US retiree, with his companion, Turk, a black standard Schnauzer, who are embarked upon a slightly more adventurous than average 6 year odyssey in their RV.

The poolside bar, by day,...

...and by night.

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