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shopping in guatemala

My vision of hell is a giant supermarket without an exit and I do what I can to avoid entering them. However, in Salama, an unremarkable mountain town in Guatemala, I found a supermarket that charmed me considerably and that I didn’t want to leave.

Flory, is a supermarket with style and charm.

I think you can buy pretty much everything there:...

...kid's bikes, plastic chairs, pinatas,...

...buckets and multi-coloured plungers for all your plumbing needs.

Ever patriotic, I'm always on the lookout for something to remind me of where I came from - in this case, powered milk.

This piece of branding, however, really caught my attention: Ana's belly needs constant feeding.

However it was the technology that really won me over and convinced me of Flory's charm. The checkout chick assiduously wrote down each item on the receipt...

... and totted the total up on her calculator. She handed me the document and I had to find the cashier to make the payment for my goods.

Another girl typed out more elaborate documents.

Next stop is the bakery.

A classic Guatemalan bakery: as you enter you are handed a basket and a pair of tongs. With these implements you make your choice and proceed to small window to finalise the transaction.

Outside chicken buses bring colour and sparkle to the streets.

Chicken buses are like people. They each have a name and their own distinctive style, although they are clearly influenced by trends and fashion.

Later in the day, in Rabinal, the next town we pass through, we stop at the market and discover the joy that is chocofruit.

Chocofruit is feasomely addictive. Chocomangoes are my favourite.

It's a simple concept. Frozen fruit dipped in molten chocolate.

The result: you can't beat it.

The market is emptying out and it's time to move on in search of a campsite out of town.

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