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Tajmulco at 4220 metres is the highest peak in Central America and Silke and I tackle it on an overnight jaunt. We set out from Xela on the chicken bus (more on that later) and start up the mountain.

Starting out... (Photo: Silke Moeckel)

The mountain is largely deforested but a few old pines remain.

Looking down ...

... and looking up.

Life without a guide really isn't that difficult: we follow in the foot prints of other hikers in the general direction of 'up'.

The path is more or less clear most of the way.

We camp close to the top of the mountain in the company of a few other hikers. While we are cooking dinner around a sizable fire a fine drizzle commences which turns gradually to sleet and then to snow. At 4.30 we get up in complete darkness to complete our ascent and watch the dawn from the summit.

A mountainous dawn with a light sprinkling of snow..

... is pretty spectacular.


My inadequate footwear is a recipe for chilly feet.

Back at camp..

... the snow is melting...

... while our wet things dry out.

The sun is shining...

... as we descend.

Bye bye, Tajumulco.

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  1. julie | April 8, 2011 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    That is quite a high mountain – did you get weary from the altitude or headache-y? I remember feeling very tired when I was at about the same altitude out of Darjeeling in Nepal and had no-one to talk to other than the sherpas who had no English and who were springing up the mountain in thongs and gumboots with enormous loads on their backs. I thought I was fit at the time but was surprised to feel so immensely unfit in the face of a few thousand metres up. Altitude affects people so differently x Julie.

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