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maya pedal

Maya Pedal is an organisation in a small, unremarkable town, near Antigua, in Guatemala which does up old bicycles, donated by richer countries, and sells them a relatively affordable prices to locals. The organisation also designs and builds innovative pedal powered machines that perform all manner of useful functions from grinding corn to making smoothies.

Everything at Maya Pedal is all about the bike.

From the safety screen of the roof top terrace to the kitchen fitting, it is...,...,...

... and more parts. The order, sometimes, is more aesthetic, perhaps, than practical...

...and sorting through it all takes time and patience.

My bed is a small patch of clear concrete on the roof top amongst it all.

However, Maya Pedal is also all about the people.

Carlos is the main man...

... but a constant stream of volunteers from all over the world keep the place ticking over. Bruce, an excellent bike mechanic from New Zealand, spent something like 5 months at Maya Pedal.

Maya Pedal is a logical pit stop for Pan-American cycle tourist. Vincent and Mike(?) are a couple of other tourers passing through.

Another Anna, is putting her newly acquired welding skills to use making a new shelving system together for the kitchen.

Colin, sharpens machetes for some local kids.

And, of course, it’s also about the machines.

Anna, again, models a machine.

Something about 'bici maquinas' seem to bring a smile to peoples faces.

I make the most of the opportunity to spend a day in a well equipped workshop with knowledgeable people around to work on my bike. Under the expert eye of Bruce, I manage to get my gears changing way, way more smoothly than they have for a very long time.

Bruce taking my newly serviced bike for a quick test ride.

Vincent, working on one of his wheels.

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  1. julie | April 8, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Great that old bikes can be put to good use by clever people xJulie

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