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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

losing it in la moskitia, episode 2

Setting off from Brus the second time I don’t really have any more useful information than I did the first time but I am determined. I make it back to the confounding fork without incident (apart from my third river crossing). I pause to investigate the left option for a second time and then take […]

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a diversionary fruit picking day

Veneranda would like to dissuade me from setting off on my bike again and so, by way of diversion, she invites me to spend a day with her visiting the family land across the lagoon and down the River Tus. Once we strip the first tree we re-enter the canoe and move down the river […]

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arriving in brus, leaving brus and then returning to brus (or: losing it in la moskitia, episode 1)

It can’t be said often enough that the easiest – and sometimes the only – way to travel in La Moskitia is by water. The journey from Belem to Brus is simply achieved in this fashion: dawn start, blue skies, calm water. No worries. When I arrive it is still early. Breakfast and exploration are […]

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pitstop in belem

I am following in the inimitable footsteps of Cass and so I have a slew of handy hints and contacts which leads me to Belem where I spend a peaceful enough Semana Santa* trying to gather enough information to cross La Moskitia travelling on walking trails over the savannah between Brus Laguna and Mocoron, before […]

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entering la moskitia

Despite the dire warnings, the people I meet as I enter La Moskitia are, as always, curious, charming, helpful, amused.

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wild west (in the north-east)

After I flee the sandfly infested shores of Trujillo, I head, alone again, into La Moskitia. La Moskitia is a huge area in North Eastern Honduras consisting of large areas of uninhabited tropical jungle, savannah and swamp. The wide flung communities are interlinked by canoe transport on a complex system of rivers and lagoons that […]

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things fall apart

An series of major tragedies and minor disasters, that are not mine to share, cause our collective vision of a shared La Moskitia single track adventure to unravel at Casa Kiwi outside Trujillo.

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meeting kelly and kurt (or a honduran photo story)

I can’t remember when Kelly first wrote to me but by the time it looks like we will finally meet an extensive correspondence between us already exists. When I leave my friend Lindsey in El Salvador it is to meet Kelly, who is travelling with her partner, Kurt. I set off with around five days […]

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to blog or not to blog

I’ve been lagging on the blogging front, for some time, I know. It’s not that I don’t want to keep it up to date but the further into Central America I go the harder it is to find good internet connections. Right now I’m heading into the back country of Honduras so there may be […]