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wild west (in the north-east)

After I flee the sandfly infested shores of Trujillo, I head, alone again, into La Moskitia.

La Moskitia is a huge area in North Eastern Honduras consisting of large areas of uninhabited tropical jungle, savannah and swamp. The wide flung communities are interlinked by canoe transport on a complex system of rivers and lagoons that leave maps of the area more blue than green.

The region, which is mostly famous for its outlaws and missionaries, is also home to a host of indigenous communities with distinctive linguistic and cultural characteristics. The first communities I come across as I ride the beach road from Iriona are Garifuna – descendents of the Afro-Caribbean slaves.

The road traverses the beach. The going varies with the condition of the sand.

4WDs hurtle up and down the sand at low tide. I alternate between riding and pushing depending on the conditions.

Bike, beach, sand - it's a long day...

I spend the night at a Garifuna community full of....



A Garifuna mans hopes to hunt down an iguana for Easter dinner.

The beach road continues...

... seemingly endlessly.

A string of pelicans.

Finally I make it to the first of the lagoon crossings which will take me into the heart of La Moskitia...

... and catch a glimpse of the some of the regions famed outlaws.

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