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{ Monthly Archives } May 2011

lake nicaragua

Another boat ride brings me to Ometepe, an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, which is notable, among other things, for having a sizable population of bull sharks inhabiting it.

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Leaving Little Corn requires a panga ride to Big Corn Island where I find space on a cargo boat heading to El Bluff. The journey is twelve hours overnight so in the interest of comfort I invest in a $4 hammock.


lit’l corn

Little Corn is a tiny Caribbean island. My motivation for being there was as much about avoiding the 500 kilometre ride from Puerto Cabezas to Managua over nasty corrugated roads through country famous only for its mines and with a nasty reputation for gratuitous violence as for the charms of Little Corn itself. However, once […]

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cargo boat

I have about half an hour to get myself back to the hotel where I am staying in Puerto Cabezas to oraganise by stuff and then back to the port before the scheduled departure time so I rush off frantically. As I arrive back at the wharf, a series of trucks pull up alongside the […]

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puerto cabezas

I’m still in La Meskitia but back on the road system and safe and sound, thus far. Oh, and I spent the afternoon with a computer fixit man, discussing the state of the world and dismantling and reassembling my computer. It still doesn’t work but he assures me that it may just be ‘assustado’, which […]

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oh, no…

My computer has finally sucumbed – to what I’m not exactly sure but it no longer springs to life. Zilch, nada. This means that I have no practical way to process my photos and work on the blog.

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losing it in la moskitia, episode 3

After days of eating and resting in Ahuas, I decide the time has come to tackle the next section of La Moskitia wilderness. Leaving the settlement, as I ride alongside the official Ahuas airstrip, young men on motor-bikes pass me on their way to work on a clandestine narco airstrip somewhere not far away. I […]

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resting in ahuas

Ahuas proves a welcoming place for rest and recuperation. I stay with Carla and her family as the days slide by.

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