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resting in ahuas

Ahuas proves a welcoming place for rest and recuperation. I stay with Carla and her family as the days slide by.

Carla. A large part of life in Ahuas, it seems, consists of making sure people are fed.

Sorting beans. Food preparation is a time consuming business.

My second morning in Ahuas I wake to the sound of rain on the tin roof. The ease of my remaining journey across La Moskitia is wholly dependent on the swamp remaining dry so it is not what I want to hear.

Yudinya is the family matriarch.

The children ...

... keep me under constant observation.

The centre of life is the kitchen, with it's basic wood fired stove.

Kids at work.

Canine smile.

The cat also keeps a watchful eye on me...

... and dinner.

Still under observation.

Carla insisted that if I was to continue taking photos she had to do her daughter's hair.

The girl does not get a lot of free time.

Drawing water from a well is constant, hard, work.

Her brother, who is younger and a boy, of course, has more time to do as he pleases.

On Sunday I am invited to the church group picnic.

Sunday best.

An uncharacteristically camera shy youngster.

When I insist that I need to continue my journey to Mocoron, Carla bakes coconut bread for me to carry with me,...

...a seeming miracle in a wood-fired stove.

Yudiyna peels yukka - the staple of life.


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