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puerto cabezas

I’m still in La Meskitia but back on the road system and safe and sound, thus far.

Oh, and I spent the afternoon with a computer fixit man, discussing the state of the world and dismantling and reassembling my computer. It still doesn’t work but he assures me that it may just be ‘assustado’, which translates roughly as ‘frightened’ or ‘shocked’ and if I let it rest undisturbed for a few days (free of its battery and any other power source) it may well recover of its own accord.

For this piece of wisdom and two and half hours of his time he charged me exactly nothing and even provided refreshments.

People are nice.

As luck would have it, the bi-monthly cargo boat to the Corn Islands is running a day late and happens to still be in the port and I am about to jump on it. This piece of serendipity means that not only do I get to visit the Corn Islands but I avoid riding a rough 560 kilometre stretch of road that comes with more than the usual barrage of warnings of robbery, assault and murder. Feels like my lucky day.

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  1. Mark Watson | October 6, 2017 at 1:20 am | Permalink

    Just read your Moskitia posts – gripping reading! Well done! We were considering it but looks like season is against us. Will research more in Trujillo… Thanks for the posts.

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