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lit’l corn

Little Corn is a tiny Caribbean island. My motivation for being there was as much about avoiding the 500 kilometre ride from Puerto Cabezas to Managua over nasty corrugated roads through country famous only for its mines and with a nasty reputation for gratuitous violence as for the charms of Little Corn itself. However, once there I am beguiled by the laid back friendly community, perfect beaches, clear blue water gently swaying palms and abundance of ripe mangoes.

Somehow on Little Corn the lure of the deep overcomes me and I spontaneously...

...sign up for a scuba diving course. And then another.

Island life.

Island children.

Island cat.

Island mangoes.

Island beach.

Island friends. Steph...

... and Esmeralda.

Island bar.

Tourist life.

Esmeralda being a pixie...

... while making butterflies.

Fancy bike!

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  1. stephanie solverson | September 1, 2012 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    I met you on little corn, nicaragua! I worked at dolphin dive! Anyways I am now doing a quick planning on a bicycle trip back down to nicaragua from canada… I was just wondering any tips, essential things to carry, how fast you think i could get there, what i can expect for budget ect… Anything would be appreciated!! you inspired me!!

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