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{ Monthly Archives } June 2011

meeting sarah and tom

Sarah and Tom are an Australian/British couple that I have been in correspondence with for what seems like a very very long time. We have been playing tag through several countries without ever quite catching up with each other and I have almost given up hope of actually getting to meet them. Fate, however, has […]

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marking time in costa rica

I’m stuck in Costa Rica waiting for my new bank card to arrive. Sadly, it’s a small country and not one I’m particularly interested in. However, I can definitively report at this point in time that if you cook for yourself and camp it is not an expensive place to visit. A pineapple, a butternut […]

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costa rica

I know it’s de riguer to complain about how expensive and inauthentic Costa Rica is but, after a grand total of three days, I have to say I’m liking it so far. It is full of birds and they have names like the shining honeycreeper. I bought a papaya, a head of garlic, three sweet […]


water ways

Leaving Ometepe requires yet another journey on a cargo ship. Entering Costa Rica requires another boat ride up the river from San Carlos to Los Chiles.

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looping the loop on ometepe

Two linked volcanoes rising up in the middle of Lake Nicaragua form a infinity symbol that you could spiral around endlessly.¬†Ometepe is lush and tropical and very enticing – a host of resident ex-pats engaged in lots of inspiring projects are ample testament to that – but my stay here is marked by a sudden […]

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