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looping the loop on ometepe

Two linked volcanoes rising up in the middle of Lake Nicaragua form a infinity symbol that you could spiral around endlessly.¬†Ometepe is lush and tropical and very enticing – a host of resident ex-pats engaged in lots of inspiring projects are ample testament to that – but my stay here is marked by a sudden crisis of purpose — is that the infinite making itself felt?

The island is small, nothing is further than a day or so ride away. I start my stay at Finca Magdalena on the lower slopes of Volcan Maderas.

The architecture has a tropical old world faded charm...

... comprising of some nice woodwork...

... and weathered terracotta tiles.

The finca has connections to the former despotic Somoza regime but it was given to a co-operative formed by a group of around 20 local campesino families as part of the Sandinista land reform of the 1980s. Now the finca produces organic coffee, bananas and honey. This fading mural is a somewhat abstract dreamy rendering of elements of this history.

The island is dotted with enigmatic rock carvings.

Does this one diagrammatically represent the island's twin volcanoes, do you think?

It doesn't matter where you are on Ometepe those volcanoes are always there, brooding in the background. Volcan Conception is more photogenic of the two.

Different angles.

Different light.

Still there.

A desultory loop the loop of the volcanoes completes my exploration of the island with no major incident. I leave feeling ambivalent about islands.

The representation is a trifle exaggerated.

A night heron.

Fuzzy critter.

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  1. julie | June 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm | Permalink

    Crisis of purpose? – it happens from time to time – a time to reassess and take a breather maybe, from the perpetual movement of travel. I miss the photos – they are so eloquent.
    Take good care and stay safe – lots of love Julie xx

  2. Good Gardens Lindsay | June 10, 2011 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    Hope your camping as gone as smooth as the border crossing into CR. Please remember your friends here in Guanacaste and know your welcome here anytime as well as my digs down the way in Rio Piadres. Safe travels, Anna’s speed.

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