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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

costa rica postscript

The return journey of an overnight trip to Costa Rica on the bus in order to get my rear hub repaired proves quite entertaining. Back on the bus, road blocks and riot police create a blockage about fifty kilometres from the border that has to be circumnavigated through jungle and banana plantations.

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two years on the road…

Two years on the road has taken its toll on my bike. Despite a significant amount of work on my bike in Alajuela, my rear hub has self-destructed and all the pedalling in the world produces no result right now. So, having finally made my escape from Costa Rica, I am now faced with the […]

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escaping costa rica

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fire station

We are riding on a uninspired stretch of highway at dusk considering our camping options in a world of pervading dampness when we pass a shiny red fire truck parked on the opposite side of the road. Touring cyclists have a long association with fire stations but none of us have tried asking for accommodation […]

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rainy days with sarah and tom

When I finally limp into Alajuela, Sarah and Tom still aren’t there. I check into a hostel and make the trip by bus back to Liberia to pick up my mail. Liberia happens to be home to some very fine bike shops and so my first purchase with the long awaited bankcard is a new […]

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leaving the lake

All in all, I am pretty glad to be back on the road and the road on southern side of Lake Arenal heading towards the volcano proves to be a fine one.

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gardening at the hotel tilawa

I am still waiting for my debit card to arrive from Australia. It has been something in the order of six weeks since the card was sent and although I have been in daily phone contact with the Liberia Post Office where it is supposed to be held, once it finally arrives, on the Lista […]

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