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leaving the lake

All in all, I am pretty glad to be back on the road and the road on southern side of Lake Arenal heading towards the volcano proves to be a fine one.

Volcan Arenal is one of more active Central American volcanoes. Unfortunately it wasn't spitting lava during the time that I was in the vicinity.

Startlingly green manicured fields and white fences don't seem much like the Central America that I have seen so far,...

...these scenes are more reminiscent of some bucolic European idyll.

The flower lined road also seems impossibly idyllic. Impatiens is native here.

Strange but pretty.

Oops. Just to remind me that idylls are not really idyllic. My chain gets snagged somehow in my spokes and I end up with a mangled derailleur and a bent hanger leaving me with only a couple of useable gears.

A challenging ford over a scarily fast river. The water was about mid thigh and moving. I had an anxious moment or three.

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