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costa rica postscript

The return journey of an overnight trip to Costa Rica on the bus in order to get my rear hub repaired proves quite entertaining.

First, thanks to Michael at Ciclo Guilly in Puerto Limon for helping me out with the hub. He came in to the shop on the last day of his holidays specially to rebuilt my hub.

Back on the bus, road blocks and riot police create a blockage about fifty kilometres from the border that has to be circumnavigated through jungle and banana plantations.

Riot police marching against protesters.

My tolerance for waiting expires long before the police have done whatever it is that they are dong to clear the road. A group of us take matters into our own hands and head into the jungle to circumnavigate the road block.

Back on the road the traffic is still held up while piles of burning tires are bulldozed off a bridge. I abandon hope of getting back on my bus and elect to hitchhike the rest of the way to the border.

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