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underwater world

Just in case you’ve been wondering what has been keeping me, this is where I’ve been.

Underwater. You look kind of silly but it is addictive. (Photo: unknown)

White tipped reef shark. (Photo: unknown)

Moray eel. (Photo: unknown)

Frog fish doing a very convincing impersonation of an unlikely cartoon character. (Photo: Juan)

Turtle. (Photo: unknown)

Lobster. (Photo: unknown)

Schooling fish. (Photo: unknown)

Puffer fish and me disappearing over a rock. (Photo: unknown)

Sadly, I don’t have an underwater housing for my camera and since the one that fits my camera costs about $800 it’s  unlikely I’ll be getting one any time soon. So I am reduced to scrounging photos from other people to illustrate my underwater adventures. I won’t post any photos from dives I haven’t actually been on – that’s the best I can do.

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