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cloud gazing with lauri

I suppose that people might think that living in a small village on the Pacific coast of Panama is an endless holiday but in general, it is not. However, my friend Lauri came to visit me recently and we  did take a holiday together.

Lauri entertained me with her ukulele.

We went on a three day kayaking trip to Coiba. Coiba is the island where I spend a lot of time diving but I got to see it from a different perspective here.

We camped on the beach and went paddling and snorkelling during the day.

Pretty relaxed...lots of time to lie about under the palm tree...

...and watch storm clouds...

...rolling by.

Back in Santa Catalina...

...we spent time cooking, eating and jamming with Jessie, one of my favourite neighbours...

... and hanging out on the beach at sunset.

Impressive wet season cloud formations provide constant entertainment.

And I finally have an excuse to go to the City to drop Lauri back at the airport.

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