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what remains…

There is a Canadian girl in Santa Cataliana at the moment doing research for her Masters. Her topic is sustainable tourism. She is interviewing as many people in the village as she can. I only had one thing to say to her.


The tide line on the beach.

Check this video out for a plastic beach story.

Garbage in Santa Catalina is dumped about 7 kilometres out of town in a field.

A huge quantity of this garbage is plastic bottles - mostly from bottled water. The tap water in the village is safe to drink but most tourists prefer bottled water.

When the piles of garbage get out of control it is bulldozed to one side where it ends up in the stream, with leads to the river, which leads to the sea.

Ocean of Garbage
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  1. Babs | July 10, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for the good info here!!! I worry about the oceans. We have been going to the beach every week picking up garbage……..We are getting tsunami debris from Japan, lots and lots of foam and styrofoam. I hate that stuff!!
    The Peace and Dignity runners left LaPush yesterday. This year their focus is the WATER of the world. They have been blessing the rivers and oceans as they travel.

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