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model mountains (and the real world)

Full disclosure: I caught the bus from Soata to Guican to start my walk… and I caught the bus back again, stopping off at El Cocuy where everything is whitewashed with green accents and the town square boasts a scale model of the mountains I’d just been trekking.

Life is laid back in the village of El Cocuy.

Model mountains...

..., artistic genius. I like the "un-named peak", particularly.

My plan to go to Venezuela appears to be getting more and more unmanageable as rumours start to emerge that Venezuelan immigration officials are now asking Australian, British Canadian and US nationals for visas in order to cross Venezuelan land borders. Flying in is fine, apparently, but biking and busing, not.

My initial idea had been to find somewhere safe in Soata or Buca to leave my bike and gear and bus back to Bogota to pick up my passport which is in the hands of the Brazilian consulate hopefully ready and waiting with a Brazilian visa in it. However, now that I have to wrestle with Venezuelan bureaucracy as well I feel a bit less certain about leaving my belongings behind in the north of Colombia. My bike also needs some more mechanical attention so it seems like a better idea to haul everything back with me on the bus to Bogota which will give me more flexibility and since I only have two weeks left of my 90 day stay in Colombia flexibility might end up being very necessary.

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  1. Nicholas Gault | September 10, 2014 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Hi Anna, your hike in Cocuy looks amazing! Do you reckon the road from Soata to Guican would be a good cycle? Considering doing it on my way south.
    (I heard some of the 6 day hike is closed now, you don’t happen to know about this?)

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