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{ Monthly Archives } April 2013

travails with tyres

I haven’t had a lot of luck with my tyres over the years. My original wire beaded Schwalbe XRs did really well, clocking up around 17 000 and 20 000 kilometres respectively, but the two folding XRs that replaced them, as needed, both had massive blowouts within around 4-5000 kilometres, which was far less satisfactory. […]

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bike bling

Gradually the lure of the sparkling world beyond Shimano is making itself felt – it could be a long and slippery slope.

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postcards from quito

My interest in cities is minimal and my knowledge of the intricacies of Spanish colonial architecture and culture relatively superficial but, nonetheless, since I am in the neighbourhood of Quito a visit to the Old Town to see the sights is more or less compulsory.

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life at the casa de ciclista in tumbaco

Santiago and his family in Tumbaco have been providing travelling cyclists with a place to stay at the Tumbaco Casa de Ciclista for the last twenty years. It must take that unique Latino generosity and the corresponding irrepressible urge to offer hospitality to provide an open house to travelling cyclists on one of busiest of […]

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Recently, everything has been falling apart: exploding tyres, split rims, leaking panniers, flat thermarest, wobbly bottom brackets, wonky hubs. *Special thanks to Sarah and Tom for sharing the silicon tip. It’s cheap and easily available from pretty much any hardware store in Central and South America. It works pretty well for patching up Thermarests, too.


entering ecuador

First impressions of Ecudaor…

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