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primus omnifuel

I love my Primus Omnilfuel stove. Apart from a brief, and ultimately disappointing, flirtation with a home-made al can stove in Mexico I have never strayed from it.* However, that said, the stove has been labouring for some time on a diet of poor quality dirty petrol and performing significantly below par. Magnus, from Primus, in Sweden, is a very helpful when I describe my difficulties with the stove and instantly offers to courier a maintenance kit to me.

The package from Primus in Sweden travels, according to DHL's tracking service, from Stockholm to Leipzig, to the UK Midlands, to Barbados, to Venezuela, to Panama City, and then to Guayquil, in Ecuador, before arriving in Quito and, finally, Tumbaco. Something about this makes some kind of nonsense of the idea of bike touring as a simple alternative way of life but I'm very grateful, nonetheless. Magnus won an unqualified place in my heart with the shipping reference.

I've had my Primus a long time - over seven years - and it's served me well. I particularly like the space ship styling and robust construction. When it's going well it can boil a pot of water in a matter of a few minutes and has great simmer capabilities. Its biggest downside is the rocket engine roar typical of a pressurised fuel stove.

The Primus fuel pump is bomb-proof metal. The spare parts I've been sent include new o-rings, new jets, new fuel filters, a new leather pump gasket, new absorbent pads, and a new flame spreader.

Worn out bits and pieces.

After the service, it doesn't look that different....

...but the proof is in the breakfast porridge, merrily simmering above a steady blue flame.

* Although I do have to admit that the Trangia does have real charm… if I had a life in which I had a place to store things I would definitely own a Trangia.

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