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exit south

The unexciting but essential bus journey to Quito/Tumbaco and back successfully accomplished, nothing remains but to cycle to the border.

After another night or two in Vilcabamba to collect myself, in the wake of a fairly arduous return bus trip to Quito/Tumbaco, it's time to leave. (Photo: Tom Ives)

A man and his pig. Very proud of his pig he is, too!

Rainbow skies. (Yes, plenty of rain, as well.)

Shadow riding...

... in misty afternoon light.

Gotta love a sleeping dog. South American dogs are barkier and bitier than I've encountered before. I tend to slow down and talk to them but it isn't always affective in preventing them from latching onto a pannier although, so far, none have made direct physical contact with a body part.

A man training his rooster.

Inevitable road works...

... and Correa, the man behind them - Ecuadorans just love him.

Zumba, the last town before the Ecuador/Peru border boasts this disturbing statue that at first I took - arachnophobe that I am - to be a giant spider. Closer inspection revealed it to be a very large ant, however.

I spotted a local affectionately tweaking an antennae...

...while these guys where proud to pose next to the beast. They explained that at certain times ants emerge from the ground in large numbers and are considered by locals to be a culinary delight.

Back on the road, I get checked out by the military...

...before the final frontier. The border post is entirely deserted but the community is small and eventually I find the official at a bar watching Spain vs. Germany on the TV.

Bye bye, Ecuador.

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